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Media Reflection

Keeping the media blog this year is no doubt the most enjoyable long term assignment I have ever had during my career as a student. In order to find things to blog about, I foundthat I was much more self-aware of my environment without really trying. This has an interesting impact on my life. I began to look up from my phone during the light rail and other public occasions and observed how many people had their phones buried in their faces. Soon after noticing this I found myself putting my phone in my pocket and looking around, trying not to be like the social media zombies of my generation.  

Now that I’m a pretty recent big brother I am also starting to pay more attention to target audiences. It is often suffocating how much younger audiences are tricked into buying super expensive items that should not exceed double digits whatsoever. Not only commercials but I am able to now observing how media has evolved over generations, even being able to see evidence of the evolution just in …
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Sex, lovemaking, nooky, bonking, intercourse, coitus, and so many more fun words always bring anyone's ears to a cringe. Why? "Well... uhh cause it is bad" as many Americans across the country would say.

Did you ever stop to think why sex is such an awful and negative thing? Well if you ever do, you'll notice that there are much worse things to do on a steamy Saturday afternoon. Sure there are bad aspects but there are precautions to take, just like anything in life.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard the phrase, "She's selling sex to my daughter! She can never watch/ listen to her again! Maybe that's a good thing! Maybe it will get parents off of their asses and actually give their kids sex talks at a good age (mine was last year... no bueno), instead of relying on schools to do it for them. My middle school sex-ed consisted of a multitude of penis and vagina pictures with labels and an open question period at the end of class. Do you reall…

Emotional Pack Mules

Men have struggles.

Struggles that even men themselves, don't know entirely.

Gender roles and norms affect both sides, one is not without its hardships. Guys everywhere are forced into little bubbles because they aren't allowed to have emotion. They aren't allowed to share their feelings and stress to the rest of the world, because if they do, they're labeled as "wusses", pussies" "girls",  and a myriad of other feminine titles.

It takes great effort and strains to lug every thought and passion to yourself in order to fit into the male ideal of society. I have witnessed kids fall of bicycles and cry, with the father's only reaction being, "Pick yourself up! Don't let people see you cry". Things like that have happened to me all throughout my childhood and I, along with many other people took it to heart. Whenever I cry, I hide in a corner, I lash out and get angry when people try to talk to me, because "people aren't s…

Hey You! Put Your Phone Away!

It seems like every single event that I go to, concerts especially, I witness a sea of people holding their phones to record the concert as if they aren't even there or act like they are participating in a candlelight vigil.

I'm a grandpa when I say this but, if you literally record the entire event, there is no point in paying to be there in person if your entire experience is through your phone. Which, may I add, is an experience that you can have free at home.

This leads to a more important issue, we don't pay attention to the amazing things that happen in life, that we may only see once in our entire lives. Granted, we may be paying very close attention, but this awareness is typically utilized in order to document extraordinary events just to share with our friends in order to brag about how awesome our lives are. We never witness amazing things in their full glory anymore.

A little while ago, I went to Ms. Gluckman's orchestra/concert and was astounded by not seein…

Generation Meme


The very popular internet sensations, do more than make you chuckle at things that probably aren't supposed to be joked about. Younger audiences are clearly not so crazed over watching the news or opening the newspaper, I sure am not keen on those particular activities. These memes, or internet spoofs, actually help society in a way, in my personal opinion. Despite their comedic appeal, they do serve as a way to let people know about what is going on outside of our house.

There has been a lot of backlash about how topics shouldn't be joked about or things need to be taken seriously. Yes, of course, they need to be taken seriously, but sometimes a "funny" but engaging picture or short clip is enough to catch the attention of the youth to further look into the current politics in order to fully understand what they thought was so funny. Without memes, I wouldn't know that "we're on the verge of WWIII".

Now, I know that the whole, "WWIII i…

The Mook

Mook, what a wonderful thing. Did you know it is actually in the dictionary? Mooks are a noun and most commonly referred to as, "a stupid person". Pretty accurate.

I grew up loving the Jackass films along with other random mini-clips of people getting hurt in very dumb ways. After actually typing it out, I seem like an awful person. Anyways, it's genuine comedy.
The exact origin of the word, Mook, is shrouded in mystery, and we will never know who started it, just like any other trend. Looking at this pop culture phenomenon, it's astounding how just a variation in culture, whether it be someone tilting a hat differently, or lowering one's pants slightly, creates a huge chain reaction to the point where it is odd if just one person isn't participating in whatever action that society created.

Now back to Mooks. The Mook became a cultural phenomenon. Imagine a world where someone could make millions of dollars in mere minutes, without needing a single day's …

Evolution of Entertainment

What age were you when you got your very own piece of digital technology?

Probably pretty young right?

As I grew older, even in elementary school I noticed that the newest students (K-6 school) would still get the same technology that we 6th graders would receive for Christmas, IPhones, IPads, Kindles, and much more that is too exhausting to list. It was marveling to us “upperclassmen” that these puny children were walking around with phones that were twice the size of their hands (At the time, the iPhone 6+ released). 
In fact, we were indeed so old that we even busted out the classic “when I was their age...” quote. I mean really, when we were in the 1st grade we still knew what VHS was, surprisingly. It makes you wonder, what is going to be their “When I was their age...” moment. Probably when the next generation’s phone’s are bendable. Oh, wait... 
I’m probably pulling this out of the grandpa hat, but I feel that, at two very least, when you are six years old, carefree and innocent,…